About Kenni York

"Authors strive their entire lives to pull the reader in and truly make us live the story. Bravo, Ms. York!"

In 2008, Kenni published her first book, Ask No Questions, under PublishAmerica sparking a career that would soon open doors to other opportunities dear to her heart. After releasing three more titles under this same company, she was inspired by a literary mentor, R.M. Johnson, to tackle self-publishing. In 2012, she released one of her most popular books to date, The Girls, which later (after several more self-published works) was picked up by the mainstream publishing company, Urban Books. 

With a clear mission and full of determination, Kenni places herself in various and considerably unexpected platforms in order to reach a multitude of readers and share her literary gifts and talents. She has been featured on national and local broadcasts such as TBN’s In Our Town, WATC TV’s Atlanta Live, PEOPLE TV’s The Nikhol Jackson Show, as well as periodicals such as Glamour Magazine, Urban Image Magazine, Luxe Factor Magazine, and the international magazine Emerge.  Her spiels of empowerment, overcoming, and creating a legacy while walking in your destiny have been heard over airwaves via shows like Let’s Talk America with Shana Thornton, Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb, IBNX’s Live Life in the Purple with MLuv, Empowering You Now Radio, Fire 91.8’s Indastreets with Tina B, and a plethora of other syndicated, live streaming, and Blogtalk radio programs. 


In 2017, Kenni realized a milestone in her career that many authors aspire to reach. Her dramatic book series, At Least I Didn't Kill him was adapted for film (screenplay done by the author herself) and the movie debuted at an eclectic theater in Avondale Estates, GA with international distribution of the DVD via Amazon. On her own terms, without waiting for permission or acceptance from Hollywood, Kenni collaborated with an independent film company in Atlanta, StreamATL, and proudly watched her work appear on the big screen. Motivated to delve deeper into the film industry, Kenni has since penned several scripts including Love's Fatality, Teal Voices (a sexual assault documentary), and the award-winning script, Call Me Dre. In 2020, Kenni's second feature film, The Secrets That Bind, was produced and released via Amazon Prime. 

With over thirty titles published, Kenni has successfully made her mark in several genres ranging from urban fiction, contemporary women's fiction, lgbt fiction and more. 

Kenni York is also the founder and executive director of The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation.


Kenni York's titles:

  1. Ask No Questions (Murder Mystery)
  2. A Girl’s Perspective: My Life in Poetry (Poetry)
  3. Merrilittle: Murder in a Small Town (Murder Mystery)
  4. Striving for Happily Ever After (Marriage Self Help)
  5. The Girls
  6. The Girls 2: Dirty Little Secrets
  7. My Dad is an Army Man
  8. Karma 1: The Beginning
  9. Karma 2: This Ain’t What You Want
  10. Karma 3: When the Shit Hits the Fan
  11. Karma 4: Checkmate
  12. Pink Slips
  13. My Friend, My Foe
  14. The Pleasure’s Mine (Anthology)
  15. Please Don’t Kill Me (Anthology)
  16. Twisted Love 1
  17. Twisted Love 2: Uninhibited Desires
  18. Twisted Love 3: Deadly Conclusions
  19. Over It
  20. Sexcapades
  21. Sexpectations
  22. Repercussions
  23. Let It Burn: Collaboration w/Nika Michelle
  24. Kenni Knowledge
  25. At Least I Didn’t Kill Him
  26. At Least I Didn’t Kill Him 2: But Someone Did
  27. Her Choice (short story)
  28. Lustful Intentions (short story)
  29. Testing My Gangsta
  30. Noah’s Rights
  31. Lie to Me: Collab w/ Kierra Petty
  32. A Savage Stole My Soul (Paranormal Short Story)
  33. New Year, New Me (novella)
  34. 911: Collab w/ Maurice "First" Tonia
  35. Whatever Lola Wants: Collab w/ Kelvon York


Kenni York's literary accolades:

2013 AAMBC Female Author of the Year Award Nominee

2013 National Association of Professional Women Inductee

2013 Continental Who’s Who Award Recipient

2014 Literacy Rocks Award Nominee

2014 Southern Entertainment Awards Journalist of the Year Nominee

2014 and 2015 Who’s Who in Black Atlanta Entrepreneurial Award

2015 Literary Jewels Editor of the Year Award

2017 Clayton County’s Indie Author Day Keynote Speaker

2018 & 2019 ATL’s HOTTEST Author of the Year Nominee

2018 Secret Place Bookclub’s Author of the Year

2018 & 2019 ACHI Magazine Author of the Year Nominee