What is W.I.N

W.I.N. is a very simple concept based on a very simple idea. The concept: helping aspiring writers get their stories out and learn how to propel themselves further in the literary industry. The idea: helping others to win.

We all want to WIN, right? Whatever your desire is, no one wakes up wanting to fail at it. I know that there are a plethora of people in the world with amazing stories that they either don't know how to put together or don't know how to place before the masses. How do I know this? I've been an author for 11 + years, both traditionally published and self-published. I know first hand the struggles behind deciding which literary path to travel, learning how to efficiently market myself and my books, and simply getting it all together. I've seen authors come into the industry bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, hoping for a certain level of success but feeling defeated by rejection letters from agents, silence and no replies from reputable publishers, and scams from independent publishers (especially those only putting out e-books). My hope and the goal for W.I.N. is for aspiring authors to see their work in print and actually win in this industry. Wouldn't you like to see creatives win as well?

W.I.N. (Writing Intriguing Novels) is not a publishing company. I'm not looking to stake a claim to anyone's royalties, charge an astonishing fee to travel to or attend a workshop, plaster my name across anyone's work, or sell writers a pipe dream. The core of W.I.N.'s program involves:

  • Writing coaching
  • Developmental editing where necessary
  • Full editing services
  • Legalities(copywriting, ISBN acquisition)
  • Cover Design (ebook & paperback)
  • Self-publishing education with
                 One time set up of account
                 Set up of first book (ebook & paperback)
                 Marketing Tips
                 Assistance with booking first signing


W.I.N. works with only first time authors assuring that they have the tools, know-how, and confidence to define their own path of literary success and WIN.

What makes me and my team qualified to help you win? 

W.I.N is a legally registered business entity. 

For detailed "KENNI FACTS" please refer to my bio and resume.

Kenni Facts

So, are you ready to win? Do you have a story within you and need help getting it out? Are you leery of the scams and predatory publishing companies out there who may be building their wealth off of all of your efforts? Then now is the time for you to decide to claim your own success and allow us to help you map it out. Let's start winning together!